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    Math Challenge
    Posted on 09/20/2017

    The PTA is sponsoring Math Challenge again for the 2017-18 school year. Math Challenge is a series of math worksheets published every other week on the Math in Action website ( We are excited about the program and hoping many students and their families will enjoy it.


    Math Challenges are available at: 


    Students from grade K to grade 5 are invited to participate. There’s no sign up for this program. We hope students and their families enjoy mathematics problem solving through these math challenges. The program covers strategies for problem solving including working backward, draw a picture/diagram, make an organize list, guess and check, and use logical reasoning.


    We will have less emphasis on prizes this year. It became overly competitive, perhaps more for the parents than the students. I had a few parents complain that certain students were cheating. In this week's newsletter, the PTA is reminding parents that is a voluntary program, is meant to be fun, and not a competition. We will offer participation prizes after every five challenges. Also, students who complete at least 12 sets out of the 15 sets of math challenges will be honored at the award assembly in June 2018. All participants will be acknowledged on the Math Stars Board. Classes will be recognized for participation in our newsletters!


    If you have any questions, please contact Beth Cogan at or 206-250-9559.