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    Laurelhurst Elementary School

    Laurelhurst Elementary School is located in the northeast section of Seattle, Washington.

    We have over 400 students in grades K-5. Laurelhurst is a place where children "learn to love to learn". We create meaningful learning experiences which stimulate creativity and critical thinking while providing a firm foundation in the basics.

    We have high expectations for all children and know that each will be challenged by the rigor and depth of our curriculum. We have a strong and active PTA and parent community that supports our school in many ways.

    Laurelhurst has been certified as an ALO (Advanced Learning Opportunities) school. In 2009, and again in 2013, we received a Washington Achievement Award for Overall Academic Excellence from the State of Washington.

    Our Mission

    The teachers at Laurelhurst are facilitators of learning, posing questions that elicit creative and critical thinking, and nurturing in their students a life-long love of learning.

    By engaging with each student as an individual and validating and building on their strengths, we work to create community within the classroom, the school, and the larger community, while promoting independence, confidence and responsibility.

    We provide educational experiences for students which enable them to reach their highest potential and empower them to achieve their goals and dreams as successful, compassionate members of a diverse community. We provide stimulating, culturally enriching, creative experiences woven through a rigorous curriculum that integrates technology, science, and the arts.

    Our Vision

    At Laurelhurst School we believe in educating the whole child. Our aim is to create an inviting school community that supports each child's innate passion for learning.

    Our goal is to foster the development of responsible, effective, compassionate individuals who develop a strong sense of environmental stewardship and appreciate communities and cultures different from their own.

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    Contact Us

    4530 46th Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98105

    Main Office: 206-252-5400
    Fax: 206-252-5401

    Principal Tim Snyder

    Principal: Tim Snyder