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    Online Student Resources
    Posted on 06/15/2017
    Typing Agent Logo

    Typing Agent

    Every student has access to this well structured keyboarding program. They should go to and use the student portal with username and password to login. They have been practicing this at school.

    Reflex Math Logo

    Work your way through the all the facts to make you more math fluent.

    Raz Kids Rocket

    Raz Kids

    Get a little reading practice. (K-3)

    Class Names:

    • Anderson - janderson37
    • Benson - jbenson30
    • Bonn - dcbonn
    • Carroll - lcarroll10
    • Davidson - mdavidson6
    • Fadness - lfadness
    • Grant - lgrant0
    • Isaacson - sisaacson0
    • Lara - blara1
    • Sullivan - msullivan32
    • Thomas - lthomas31
    • Tutt - ljtutt