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    So You Want to do an Independent Project?

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

    An independent project is a great way for a kid to grow as a student. It's a chance to learn something new and then share your knowledge with others. However, there are many steps to an independent project. We hope you use this as a road map to a successful project.

    1. The Question

    • Pick something to learn about. It's best to choose something that interests you. What are you curious about?
    • Take your subject and make a question? If the question is too big, make it smaller. A teacher or parent can help you with this.

    2. Organize and Plan

    • Talk to your teacher
    • Create a Timeline - what you're going to do when
    • Make a mind map
    • Create a rubric
    • Fill out an Independent Project Proposal

    3. Collect Your Information

    • Books
    • Internet
    • Experts
    • Focus only on the information you need.
    • Find the information that helps answer your question.

    4. Show Your Thinking

    • How you show your thinking should be on your proposal.
    • Poster, Word, Powerpoint, play, game, etc.
    • Double check with your rubric.

    5. Share your Thinking

    • Share the answer to your question with an audience.
    • Get feedback on your goals shown in your rubric.
    • What would you do differently?
    • What have you learned about yourself?