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    BLT Meeting


    Members present

    Tim Snyder

    Lynne Hubbard

    Laura Tutt

    Jen Anderson

    Elliot Barnes

    Bethany Lara

    Bylaws – Bylaws need to be slightly amended to match the contract. Elliot is going to amend page 3, section “on the BLT” to match the contractual language around BLT membership. Members present did not see any other changes or amendments needed. Elliot will email the final version of the Bylaws before the next meeting and a vote on approving revised Bylaws will take place at the next meeting.

    Decision Making Matrix – Members discussed this but will wait to make a decision until more members are present.

    New Membership – Per bylaws, and the contract, staff vote on members who express an interest in being on BLT. Kristina has expressed an interest for 4th grade and Bethany has expressed interest in representing K-1st. According to the bylaws/contract, “in the event that there is only one candidate for a particular category, no vote by the staff will be required and that candidate will be deemed elected to the open position in that category.” Elliot will lead the next teacher directed staff meeting (next Red Wednesday) and explain this to the staff.

    Committees – We discussed some way for the staff to stay up to date on committees. Maybe this can be done through SharePoint or another way. We will discuss this as a whole staff at the next staff meeting (Elliot will put it on the agenda for the next Red Wednesday).

    Staff Meetings – This year these will take place from one 1:40 to 2:40 in order for Parapros and SAEOP’s to participate.


    PD – Tim will be sending out a PD proposal and a clock hour proposal to

    Curriculum Night – Tim proposed (and has the power over this schedule but other members approve) new times for curriculum night. This year there will be a welcome in the cafeteria by Tim at 6:00. 6:15-6:45 will be K-2 and 6:50-7:20 will be for grades 3-5.

    Daily Class Schedules – These specific times need to be followed for SPED and tutors to serve their students. If teachers are not following these schedules then students will not be receiving their required minutes.

    Rainy Day Recess – Later in the fall we will create a rainy-day recess policy when the gym is open with the idea being if at all possible, children will go outside unless it is pouring.

    Homework Policy – We will review the existing policy.