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    BLT Meeting


    Members present 

    Elliot Barnes

    Jen Anderson

    Tim Snyder

    Kristina Westerman

    Kris Faucett

    Emily Monsen

    Dorothy Eikenger

    Laura Tutt

    Lynne Hubbard

    Meeting Time – BLT decided all further meetings will start at 2:45 (in the library on the first Monday of every month)

    PD Plan – A rough draft has been written by Tim. It is an active document that has been approved by the BLT but the BLT may revisit later in the year when change is appropriate. BLT discussed our different options for professional learning on green days and will present options to the staff at the next staff meeting on November 13th.

    Bylaws – Elliot has corrected the membership section of the Bylaws and will email BLT with this change. The language in our bylaws are verbatim from the contract.