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    above view of house layout

    In this task you are going to practice being very careful.

    Here are the rules:

    • Your house is 50 feet by 50 feet
    • 5 rooms, each with a door
    • Walls are 9' tall
    • The floor is 1' thick
    • All walls are 1' thick
    • At least one window in each room.
    • Windows can be any size.

    Click here to see a movie about this technique. Choose the one titled "Accuracy."

    For accuracy, use the keyboard to enter dimensions. For instance, for a 1' floor, pull the rectangle up, let go and type 1' on the keyboard. For rectangles, use a comma to separate width from length. (50',50')

    In this case, the rectangle will be 34 inches wide and 8 feet tall. You need the comma between the lengths. One setting that will help you is found under Window:

    These setting seem to help with getting the dimensions exact:

    Once you've set these, they stay with that model.

    Remember to save your work - use your name as the name of the file. Save it in Task 2