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    Groups and Layers

    In this task you are going to practice using groups and layers. As people build their houses, they want to go up. The problem is that SketchUp begins to think of your second floor as a part of the first floor. You start working on a wall on floor two and before you know if, you're losing things down below.

    Click here to see a movie about this technique. Choose the one titled "Layers."

    One of the ways to work with multiple floors is to create them separately as groups and then put them together on separate "levels." This is also a nice way to work because you can remove parts to work inside.

    layers of a house

    Here are the steps:

    • Make a simple one room house Don't forget the floor.
    • Make a door and one window
    • Use the pointer tool to surround your house and make it a group:

    Edit > Make Group

    • You can go back to working with this group by double clicking on it.
    • Now make a new layer.

    Window > Layers

    second floor

    The blue dot in front of the layer name tells you which is active. The check lets you make a layer visible or invisible. For instance, you can hide the roof and continue working on the first floor.

    • Make sure you are on the Second Floor layer. 
    • Create a second floor just like you did for the first floor.
    • Turn the first floor invisible, surround the second floor, and make it a group.
    • Make another new layer.  You can call this Roof.
    • Go to the Roof layer.
    • Make a roof.

    Roof tips:

    • Turn your house so you are looking at it from the side. (If you are looking at it from above, SketchUp will often put the shape in the wrong direction.

    layers of a house

    • Use the line tool. Click on a corner. If you move the pencil along the edge, it will tell you where the midpoint is. Move straight up and it will create a dotted line telling you that you remain above the midpoint. Click. Go to the other corner. Click.

    layers of a houselayers of a house

    • Give your roof "thickness" by using the offset tool. Pull the edges to finish the roof.

    side view of houseside view of house

    Remember to save your work - use your name as the name of the file. Save it in Task 3.