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    sphere, cone, and two interesting shapes

    One of the most amazing tools in SketchUp is the "Follow Me Tool." In this task you are to make the following:

    A sphere
    A cone
    Two other interesting shapes

    1. Make a shape to follow. A circle is a good way to start.


    2. On the vertical axis, draw a shape. You might have to use the rotate tool to get the right angle. You can us any of the tools - pencil, circle, polygon, etc.

    two circles

    3. The order of the Follow Me Tool is a bit awkward. Click on the path to follow - in this case, the bottom circle. Then click on the Follow Me Tool.

    follow me tool

    Click the follow me tool on the shape you want to "spin." In this case, click on the upper circle.

    Make all four shapes on the same SketchUp document and save it in Task 4.