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    BLT Meeting


    Members present 

    Tim Snyder - Principal

    Kristina Westerman – 4th Grade

    Laura Tutt – 5th Grade

    Dorothy Eikanger - SpEd

    Lynn Hubbard - SAEOP

    Emily Monsen – Instructional Asst


    Elliot Barnes – Specialists

    Dena Bonn – 1st Grade

    Jen Anderson – 2nd Grade

    3rd Grade?


    • Bylaws Review – Next Meeting
    • New Student to Laurelhurst Process
      • Up to Rachel?
    • Review of PD options for Green Days
      • Reading that Tim emailed pertaining to White Fragility?
      • Synopsis of each book at staff meeting, how to address each book to staff
      • Next yellow day could discuss books with staff
    • Staff survey before budget is due to determine budget priorities
      • Implementing new policy so that PTA doesn’t pay for “stuff” – equity problems
      • Guiding the PTA what we want them to spend money on
      • Possibly not implemented until 20-21 school year or 21-22 year
      • Get budget statement Monday after mid-winter break, fast turn around
    • Art teacher starts soon
    • Look at CSIP quickly after budget is due