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    Window in a Round House


    Doors and windows in a rectangular house is a "piece of cake." However, doors and windows in rounded surfaces can be a real challenge. This task will help you practice that skill.

    Make a simple round house in the same way as the rectangular house in Task #1.

    Outside the house make a rectangular solid.

    cylinder and cube

    Orbit the two shapes so you can see underneath. Push the bottom the box so that is above the top of the floor of your round house. (If you don't do this the next step won't work. The floor will be in the way.)

    Orbit back so you can see the front of the box and pull in through the house.

    cube inside a cylinder

    Orbit so you are above the shapes, use the selection tool (arrow or space bar) and surround both shapes. (Or hyou can use "Apple A" for "seleclt all."

    Then go up to Edit<>Intersect<>Intersect with Model.

    Edit > Intersect > Intersect with Model

    Now you can use the eraser tool to remove edges that you don't want - leaving you with an opening into your round house. You can leave the outside surface and make it transparent if you want a window.

    Save your creation in the Task 5 folder. Don't forget to use your name.