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    You can download furniture from Google's websites, but what's the fun in that?

    Your task:

    Make two pieces of furniture - a couch, a chair, a table, a freezer, anything.

    This task will give you a chance to practice "components," an important idea in Sketchup.

    One of the great features of Sketchup is that if you put any shape on another, they stick together. (Like they are glued where they touch.) However, with some items this stickiness can cause problems.

    Solution - Components. Components are like groups. The make all the parts a whole. You can save components and bring them into any Sketchup Model. That's what you are going to practice here.

    Click here to see how to make a chair.

    Build a piece of furniture.


    Surround it with your curser and then make it a component.

    Edit > Make Component... or make component button

    Give it a good name - Your name then a description.

    Make component dialog box

    You can always edit your component later. A quick way to do this is to double click on it.

    Now save your component. Make sure it has your name and a names that describes your components.

    Save it into Task 7.

    Edit > Component (1 in model) > Save As

    Tip: To make your life easier, create furniture and other components in a separate Sketchup file. You can then save it and bring it into your house. That way you avoid the "stickiness" problem. This is also a way to share your creations.

    You can use the Move Tool (M) and the Option Button to make copies of your component. Change your original component and all the copies are changed.