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    BLT Meeting


    Tim Snyder

    Elliot Barnes

    Bethany Lara

    Laura Tutt

    Kristina Westerman

    Lynne Hubbard

    Emily Monsen

    Dorothy Eikenger


    • BLT Rules and Responsibilities – Tom, 5 minutes
    • New Student Communication – Tom, 10 minutes
    • Bylaws Review and Discussion – Elliot, 10 minutes
    • Green Day Book Discussion – Kristina, 5 minutes
    • Budget – Tim, 10 minutes
    • Staff Priorities Survey – Tim, 5 minutes

    BLT Rules/Responsibilities – Be on time, know that everyone can do one of the responsibilities (time keeper, leading a meeting, note taker). BLT members need to be aware of who will be on the BLT in the upcoming year and who is leaving so we keep several members on the team each year who understand our responsibilities and can teach the next group.

    Student communication – When new students arrive to Laurelhurst specialists request known information about the student (ELL information, IEP at a glance and/or other relevant information pertaining to the student). Every teacher who works with a student should have an iep at a glance for those students. Specialists who need information on a student should email the ELL teacher or the IEP case manager for further information.

    Bylaws Review – Bylaws changes where discussed and approved by the BLT. There was one change to the Bylaws that needs to be voted on by the whole staff. This change was recommended by the BLT to be approved by the staff. Staff will receive a digital copy of the Bylaws, with the recommendations noted, giving them time to review changes and vote at the teacher directed staff meeting in February. Following the final vote by the staff in February the new Bylaws will be posted on the Laurelhurst website.

    Green Day Book Discussion – Staff decided, through a survey, to read “White Fragility,” reading on their own and discussing on Green Day release time. The next Green Day is February 26th. We will decide at the next teacher directed staff meeting how to get the book and what chapters to read before the next Green Day in February.

    Budget – We discussed a staff priority survey for the upcoming budget. Last year budget information was completed in March, 2019 and it is expected to follow the same timeline this calendar year. A staff priority survey will go out in February. Tim will send an old survey to BLT for input. Their input will be given to Bethany, then Bethany and Elliot will create a survey at the beginning of February to be sent to staff to be completed before mid-winter break.