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    BLT Meeting


    Members present:

    Elliot Barnes

    Laura Tutt

    Jen Anderson

    Kristina Westerman

    Dorothy Eikanger

    Lynne Hubbard

    Tim Snyder

    New BLT Position – Proposed by Tom to have a BLT manager. Their job would be…

    1. Set up the agenda
    2. Assign facilitator, note taker, and time keeper for each meeting. Remind those individuals a week before of their responsibilities.
    3. Enter notes to the website and keep website up to date with bylaws and members.
    4. Follow up with individuals who have items assigned for the next meeting.
    5. There will be no stipend for the position and position will not have a vote.
    6. BLT Manager will not need to be present at meetings

    Tom has volunteered and approved by the BLT. Thanks Tom

    Budget for next year – Information from downtown will be given to Mr. Snyder on February 25th. Survey for the staff will go up in the staff lounge later this week.

    Green Day PD Discussion – We will be reading “White Fragility.” An email with dates of green day discussions and what pages to read has been sent to staff. Discussion questions will be given, by Kristina, to groups on green days detailing what should be discussed. After small group discussion, everyone will reconvene in the Library to have an all staff discussion led by Jen Anderson.

    Women’s History month – Class murals, Rosie the Riveter, collecting classroom data, classroom survey, more ideas will be taken this Wednesday.

    Staff Meeting – BLT will call a staff meeting this Wednesday, February 5th, at 1:40 in the library. Jen will be in charge of the meeting. Elliot will send out an email to all staff today about having the meeting.