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    BLT Meeting 7/14/20


    Members present


    Tim Snyder

    Dorothy Eikanger

    Elliot Barnes

    Emily Monsen

    Tom Brown

    Jen Anderson




    Draft being turned in July 14, 2020

    How do we determine which students are farthest from educational justice?

    Will need to be reviewed by staff and voted on before it is finalized

    Aug. 1 draft for BLT to confirm

    What are we doing for our advanced learning students?

    How are we documenting what we are doing for our advanced learning students?

    Possibility of setting high goals for all students. That might give us a better idea of who is struggling and how we can help them.

    CSIP approved by staff by 9/1

    BLT meeting again on July 21. Jen sending out invite



    Online learning schedule

    Example 1 seems to be the easiest and provides specialists more time to instruct

    Using Schoology to post lessons for kids who didn’t make it to the meeting.

    We need more instruction in Schoology


    BLT Staffing for next year

    Positions needed

    4/5 grade rep Laura

    3rd grade rep Benson or Sullivan

    1st grade rep Bonn or Thomas

    SAEOP? Office staff

    Specialist Brown


    Streamline our online and in person instruction. To be discussed at a later date.