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    BLT meeting 7/21/20


    Members present

    Tom Brown

    Jen Anderson

    Tim Snyder

    Dorothy Eikanger

    Bethany Lara

    Elliot Barnes




    Teach parents that if you are an HCC student you don’t get a pass on grade level requirements or skills and you might not be advanced in all subject areas. If you are HCC, you should never be bored because you are always reveling in learning.


    What kind of weekly communication do we want to send to parents so they know what skills will be worked on that week and what work should be completed. Should be uniform across the school. Do we want to use the Wedgwood template or simplify it?


    Are we still going to use White Fragility? Do we want to use a different resource?


    Will meet again after Tim hears from the district about our CSIP.


    Next meeting Jen and Bethany will have a template example to share about weekly lessons.


    What would an AA BB schedule look like?