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    BLT 9/21/2020



    Tim Snyder

    Bethany Lara

    Tom Brown

    Greg Pittman (Laura Tutt)

    Emily Monsen

    Jen Anderson – Ellie Metcalf

    Jacque Klug



    Kris Faucett

    Dorothy Eikanger

    Robby Saunders



    ·      Bear Logo

    o   Changing colors to blue and white

    o   Tim made a new logo (Graphic designer status)

    o   Sending to Pete for final draft to send to Alyssa

    ·      PD

    o   Wednesday dates?

    o   Revised schedule was made at the end of August

    §  Tim will send out to all staff

    o   Professional Development is purple or green days

    o   Racial equity team office – for paid employees – racial equity team coach through the complicated/confusing district paperwork

    §  Racial equity team could also make a plan for Oct 9 PD day

    o   Project ready – online course during purple or green days

    §  Instead of white fragility

    §  Coaching, materials and stipend

    o   Try to put together a PD plan for half of the year to start

    o   How do we use PD time to learn more about online instruction?

    §  May as well tailor PD time to benefit us

    §  Survey to staff to see what staff needs as far as online instruction

    o   October 9 is full day of PD

    §  Laurelhurst Robust PD day

    §  Half of day staff sharing/collaboration and half lead by Racial Equity Team

    §  Watch videos in small groups with each lead by a member of racial equity team as facilitators

    §  PD set up for racial equity until January (online course)

    §  Part of the day practicing the training by racial equity team

    §  Survey monkey to find out what staff members are confident in/need help with

    ·      What kind of online learning questions do people have?

    ·      What are you good at?

    ·      Improvements?

    ·      Technology comfort on learning platforms?

    ·      What are good classroom strategies that have been effective for teachers?

    ·      Breakout groups in teams

    ·      Doc camera with teams help

    ·      First PTA meeting is this evening Monday 9/21/2020, more of a forum as to how parents can support teachers in online learning

    ·      Need to figure out printing of materials

    o   Move away having people print and scan as much as possible- putting things onto Seesaw

    o   Who specifically needs to have things printed?

    o   How to we, more efficiently, learn where kids are

    o   If the students are doing homework, how can we reduce the screen time

    o   Students are expected to do independent time during the day, there probably doesn’t need to be homework outside of the school day

    o   For homework, maybe just practice problems

    o   Seesaw is the way students turn in work, quick turn around for seeing their work

    §  Giving them homework is overkill

    o   Bethany: K-1, Jen: 2-3, Greg: 4-5

    §  Not going to be assigning homework as we would when we were meeting in person

    §  Homework has also been used as a communication tool, don’t necessarily need that right now

    ·      Science kits

    o   Arrived in schools, not been cataloged or dispersed (apparently that’s Tom’s job?)

    o   Teachers picked up their kits already

    ·      Have 10-12 devices that were not cataloged into the system due to internet failure

    o   Most everything has been cataloged

    ·      Developmentally appropriate time for students to be online?

    o   Don’t really have an answer

    o   Might need to rethink what the school day looks like if there are a lot of questions about time on the screen

    o   How to create time to tighten up direct instruction, and continue the work asynchronously

    o   The hour-long blocks include time for supervision. Better articulating to families about what being online looks like

    o   Easier to tone-down instruction rather than to ramp-up

    §  Base it off what students and families are saying

    Next meeting: October 5th at 6:00pm