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    BLT Meeting   11/2/2020


    Member Present

    Tom Brown

    Laura Tutt

    Jen Anderson

    Tim Snyder

    Bethany Lara


    Not present

    Dorothy Eikanger

     Rachel Crick



    Review and approve CSIP

    Send out CSIP to staff no later than November 9th



    Tim is putting together a list of student reflections so kids can let us know how they are doing and feeling during remote learning. Conferences will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but teachers will work with parents to make it as convenient as possible. Conferences will be 20-30 minutes long. Teachers can do Sign-Up Genius for conferences.


    Goal Setting

    If everyone had a speaking and listening goal would that work?


    Streamlining for staff

    Teachers are putting in a lot of work and assigning a lot of assignments for Seesaw. Focus on District priorities and let’s concentrate on putting those into Seesaw. Those items will be looked at and given feedback on. Streamline what is being put in Seesaw, what is graded or looked at and what is extra for them to do but won’t be looked at by the teacher. Archive lessons that are more than two weeks old and set up a time to have the lesson populate the activity page.

    Pete, Tom, Laura, Mary should meet to talk about this.


    How to get items to kids who don’t live in the neighborhood

    Who should be dropping off items to kids who don’t have the ability to come to school to get items? Tim will talk to Emily R about setting up a system where parents or a representative can come to school to get supplies, or we can drop off at Arbora Court, Blakeley Village, or Laurel Village in a common area for pick up.


    Next meeting

    December 7th 3:30