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    BLT Meeting

    January 4, 2021


    Members Present

    Tom Brown

    Bethany Lara

    Tim Snyder

    Laura Tutt

    Dorothy Eikanger




    Old Business

    Monthly drop off of materials

    One drop off a month, the middle of the month on second Wednesday. Materials will be put on the playcourt and Thursday, Friday out front. Any materials needed to be dropped off will be delivered the next week.



    Streamline Seesaw using criteria 

    Pin items to the top

    Assign times for lessons

    Archive lessons

    Work needs to be done during class time

    Laura will talk to staff about how to instruct and make sure kids have enough time to work during class time. 

    Tagging the skill for a lesson

    Laura will lead this discussion

    Mary, Tom and Laura will lead this on January 13th



    Teachers need to have a digital sub folder of asynchronous work that kids can do if you are gone for one day. Office needs to have a copy of this.

    Grade level teams can use the 13th to develop an asynchronous folder for a teacher being out.


    New Business


    Brainstorm ideas of what we need in place in order to have K-2 come back into the building.

    What do we do if K-2 teachers and SPED don’t come back into the building?

    What do we do if parents don’t want to send their kids back?

    What does a hybrid look like?

    What are the walking patterns?

    Sign out and sign in for bathroom visits.

    Do we do temperature checks?

    We need an isolation room.

    What does our attestation form look like?

    What does lunch look like?



    Do we want to give the assessments or create our own assessments?