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    BLT Meeting

    March 8, 2021

    Members Present

    Tom Brown

    Tim Snyder

    Laura Tutt

    Julie Pellegrino Gilbert

    Jen Anderson

    Emily Monsen

    Jacque Klug

    Bethany Lara

    Dorothy Eikanger



    Currently losing 1.0 FTE classroom teacher

    Library is currently .5 PCP

    Counselor is allocated at .5

    Reading Specialist is allocated at .5

    Tutors and Supervision have $33,000 available in our budget for 2021-22. Will likely not have the amount of tutoring that we have had in the past.

    Asking PTA if they are willing to cover Library, Counselor, and part of Reading Specialist to bring us back to current FTE levels.

    Idea board from the staff on positions they want to see for next year, prioritized Library, Reading Specialist and Counselor as the top 3.

    Will also be talking to Friends of Laurelhurst to help with funding.

    Tim will send a proposal to BLT based on tonight’s meeting with PTA, by Friday, March 12 so we can get it out to staff by the weekend.

    Tim/BLT will present a budget proposal to the staff by March 17th.