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    -More data by end of the week

    -LAP data in June

    -Highlighted areas are for proposed changes to hone work, get better at what we are already doing

    Questions we have about changes to goal 1:

    1. School wide observations of culturally responsive teaching: What does that look like?

      -Observe each other instead of a staff meeting, make up the time by using PCP time for observing after we have done some learning around it. Or we could take video of lessons and watch them.

      -Is culturally responsive teaching what we want to focus on next year?

      -Feedback would be constructive

    2. Do teachers have a good idea of what culturally responsive teaching is?

      -No, that’s why we’re going to read the book.

      -There is still a large gap for African American students.

    3. Is there a district benchmark test for reading?

      - Unsure, maybe not useful.

      - We need something that is systematic across the board.

      -F&P is not enough by itself, we need more

      -Could SBA interim test be used 3-5?

    4. Should highly capable be addressed more? Is this why we are losing students?

    -Should we have leveled math groups in 5th grade?

    -Can we get support 3-5 where it is more difficult to differentiate for highly capable?

    -Subcommittee to discuss what to do, come up with a plan for next year to differentiate math.


    Questions we have about goal 2:

    1. Is this mostly about MTSS?

    -Mtss and PBIS together

    -What is the purpose of benchmarks? – To look at checklists and see if they are productive for MTSS.

    -Continue to include MTSSB

    2. Are we going to re-try schoolwide Meta Moments?

                - Put it to new counselor

    3. What is time out of class data?

                -Powerschool – missed instruction log

                -Bathroom does not count

                -Reasons- sent to office for behavior or sent to counselor

    4. Should there be more about African American students and Special Ed students?

                -parent voices – subgroup community meetings

                -could we have family buddies for new families



    Schoolwide homework policy

    -Needs to be a conversation


    Building Based Goals have not changed

    -Are these still the best goals? – Ask constituents

    -We need the African American and SpEd goals because it is still a need, we have a gap


    Sarah will send a revised copy, please take it to constituents by next week


    Professional Development


    -based on this year’s release days

    -PD would be about race and equity

    -What’s the plan for before school begins PD? – maybe laying groundwork for this

    -A need to articulate what time is ours in our classroom and what time is not

    -read Culturally Responsive Teaching with the Brain in Mind as a staff, read during the time

    -Take this back to constituents for feedback