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    BLT Notes August 28

    Lisa Busalacchi
    Pat Howard
    Greg Pittman
    Robbie Saunders
    Elliot Barnes
    Shannon Isaacson
    Dena Bonn
    Mary Davidson
    Sarah Talbot
    Meredith Sullivan
    Beth Cogan
    Tom Brown

    Request for a study
    Professional Development

    New meeting times for BLT will be the first Monday of the month at 2:45 in the library.

    A group of educators from the UofW are working on PBIS and need 10 teachers to take a survey to help them with their research. The survey would happen at the beginning and end of the year. The info used would only come from the survey. It would take 20-30 minutes for the survey and teachers would be paid $25. BLT voted to try it out and see if any staff would be interested.

    Dr. Talbot would like to move the early release technology date from September 28 to October 11 to accommodate a UDI training. Voted and passed.

    The school received 400 Kindles for teacher and student use. BLT would like to give each teacher a device to practice with then determine if these devices would be something that could be used in the classroom. If so the rest of the devices would be moved into classrooms on October 25.

    There was a question on when teacher workstations will roll out and when the school will get new document cameras and projectors.

    Dr. Talbot wants the staff to know that the district is offering PD outside of the school on certain early release days. She will provide the staff a link to those trainings.

    Dr. Talbot would like parent help on the playground for lunch recess.

    Tom needs to talk to Elizabeth Fletcher about the WITs program, Writers in Schools. Tom will help coordinate a schedule to connect writers with classrooms.

    BLT is recommending that monthly assemblies be led by grade levels with PBIS as the content.

    For the next meeting BLT members need to talk to their constituents about the schedule. 
    BLT members need to decide if they are coming back if their two years are up.
    BLT members need to talk to their constituents about being an SEA representative.

    Next meeting will be September 11