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    BLT Meeting

    December 3rd, 2018


    In Attendance

     Mary Davidson

    Jen Anderson

    Greg Pittman

    Laura Tutt

    Elliot Barnes

    Kate Sipperly

    Tim Snyder

    Emily Monson

    Lynne Hubbard


    Items Discussed


    Recess Equipment – Jen Anderson will make sure recess equipment is brought inside the building from the South Playground every day.


    Decision Making Matrix – Elliot will provide copies for the January BLT meeting to discuss/review/approve a decision making matrix for 2019


    Rep for 3rdgrade – Jen Anderson will continue to be the classroom rep for both 2ndand 3rdgrade since no replacement could be found to be the 3rdgrade rep.


    CSIP at a glance – Elliot will cut and paste our CSIP into a simplified, more concise format so it is easier to read through next BLT meeting


    PD Calendar – Tim will email the staff about the PD calendar