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    BLT Meeting December 4th

    In attendance

    Sarah Talbot, Tom Brown, Pat Howard, Greg Pittman, Lisa Busalacchi, Mary Davidson, Kris Faucett, Beth Cogan, Shannon Isaacson, Elliot Barnes.


    New Business


    Teacher led staff meetings

    BLT discussed who should lead these meetings and what the agendas should be. Both meetings should be nuts and bolts for the staff and school and then move onto additional agenda items. Grade levels could lead the meetings and collect agenda items.

    Meeting could be less than hour if the agenda dictated it.

    It was decided that these items would be discussed at the December 6 staff meeting to come to a consensus on how staff directed meetings will proceed.


    Decision Making Matrix

    Sarah reformatted the matrix to allow for easier understanding of how decisions are made and who makes them. The matrix was forwarded to the staff to review on their own and in their PLC meetings.

    It was also decided that any news from our various committees would be presented at staff meetings.


    Action Items


    Agenda for BLT

    CSIP, Budget, and PD all have dates for discussion and deadlines to make decisions. Additional agenda items need to be relayed to BLT members from their constituents in a timely manner. Tom would like to get out an agenda to the staff for the upcoming BLT meeting a week before the meeting occurs.

    Items could be added to the agenda in Outlook Calendar. BLT would then decide what items to put on the agenda for the upcoming meeting.


    Elliot will set up One Drive for how to lead a staff meeting.


    Kris will look into getting a parent for the interview team for the PE position.


    Office staff who want to do a job alike training on the early release Wednesdays will need to make sure that at least one of them remain in the office to field calls. If both staff want to go to a training then one of the grade level teams will have their PLC in the office to handle calls. Shannon and 2nd grade have volunteered to take the first watch if that occurs.


    Dena wanted to know what happens to the money if a teacher is absent and the position does not get filled. Money goes into an account that can be used later by staff for training, testing, books, etc... Sarah is going to look into where the money is and how much. Dena would like BLT to decide what to do with the money with input from constituents