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    BLT Notes

    2/5/18 – Monday


    1. Rainy Day Recess Announcements: announce 1-2 minutes before recess. Cristina will make the call. Threshold is pretty high – unless it is pouring it will be outside recess.
    2. Escalations in hallways: What can we do so all students can learn to the best of their abilities? Schedules are being modified to accommodate escalated students. Rules dictate what we can do. Sped teachers attempt to de-escalate in least restrictive environment. Goal is to minimize the impact for other students as well as the student him/herself.
    3. Kindles: We have chargers for classes to get 5-6 kindles. Best use right now is to use the web aspect of the kindle. Volunteers needed to set up kindles to get set up so classroom teachers do not need to worry about this. Can we have training/tutorial on kindles? Tom is willing to do training on a tech day (Wednesday). Kindle training to be done on February 27th.
    4. CSIP: Team changes

      Specialists: Take out Reader’s Workshop pedagogy. Use CCC 2017-2021. 3rd/4th grade doing Bear Block 2017/18. Do we expand it to 2nd and 5th grade? Take out leveled math groups for 5th grade. What to do with schoolwide meta-moment? Change to classroom meta-moment? Remove UDI from professional development plan and using tech to improve instruction. Tom making additional changes on paper copy.

    5. Budget Allocations: List of things we would like to prioritize. Create list to take back to constituents.

      - sound partners tutors

      - .8 reading specialists

      - math tutors

      - .1 counselor

      - playground supervision

      - office help

      - funding head teacher position (possibly .3 if .5 AP position is converted to head teacher)

      - release time for F+P testing (possibly more time for 3-5 grade level team)

      - MTSS release time (following old model)

      - additional nurse time

      - $300 classroom funds

      - $500 grade level funds


    6. Classroom Space: additional FTE would need classroom space. Do we ask our community partner to vacate to create more classroom space? Projection for next year is 340 students. Another portable is a possibility if community partner is asked to leave. They can take the portables they own (P-4 and big portable)


    Action items:

    • Talk to constituents about school-wide meta-moment
    • Start/end each assembly with a meta-moment (talk with constituents)
    • Discuss priority list for budget with constituents
    • Talk to constituents about potential FTE and impact on classroom space (asking our community partner to leave) – this issue is confidential