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    BLT Meeting

    January 14, 2019

    In attendance


    Dena Bonn

    Mary Davidson

    Tim Snyder

    Kate Sipperly

    Lynne Hubbard

    Elliot Barnes

    Greg Pittman

    Dorothy Eikenger


    CSIP at a Glance – Amending to more positive language?

    Change dates of goal in 5thgrade reading score to reflect that it is for this school year

    Keep for teacher information


    Decision Making Matrix – approved by BLT voting members in attendance (more than 75%). Elliot will email out to staff for any recommendations in writing. Staff will be given 1 week to respond.


    3rdGrade Rep – Jen spoke with Meredith and she is unable to fill the roll and there are no other grade reps for 3rd. Next meeting, we will need to work on amending bylaws on BLT membership.


    Safeschools – We were given an hour from Principal directed staff meeting, we will give the staff an hour from teacher directed staff meeting time. That day will be this Wednesday on a red day, January 16th. Parapro’s need to have two hours of school time to complete safeschools?


    PD Plan – 1/16 teacher directed staff meeting will be given to staff to complete safeschools. 1/23 will include MTSS reading, staff survey and Dena will lead a discussion for Black Lives Matter in Schools/African American History Month. PD Plan was approved by 75% of BLT. Tim will email final version to Elliot and Elliot will email out to the entire staff/find a way for people to view, give input and vote.


    Art – Tim spoke with teachers about a schedule. Art will hopefully be starting at the end of January/Beginning of February.


    Energy Saving Mode – Teacher do not appreciate the ESM on the downstairs copier. Lynne will speak to the tech about fixing/doing away with the ESM.


    Budget – Budget will be tough this year if the legislature does not act in our favor. We need to discuss early and often to be aware of scenarios.


    Next Meeting is 2/4/2019