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    Building Leadership Team Meeting Notes

    Monday January 8, 2018 Happy Birthday David Bowie


    Meeting began 2:55 PM.

    Attendance: Tom Brown, Lisa Busalacci, Dr. Sarah Talbot, Shannon Isaacson, Mary Davidson, Dena Bonn, Greg Pittman, Elliot Barnes, Kate Sipperly, Beth Cogan and Kris Faucett


    Recap: Tom Brown read December 4, 2017 Meeting Minutes. Confirmation the Substitute Teacher Account is overdrawn


    Dr. Talbot presented:

    Budget      Distributed Budget Timeline and explained budget process. Clarification that 2017 being a contract year will not affect the Budget Process. WA State Legislative Action could affect 2018-19 funding. First step is looking at priority and goals on the CSIP. Budget to be given to staff by March 5th. PTA will be consulted in March for support/staff priorities.


    CSIP          Current CSIP distributed.

                      Action Item: Take CSIP back to constituents to review to see if our goals and priorities are still current.

                      Discussion: MTSS funding priority. Support of LAP/Reading Specialist. Some goals are not being met because of lack of staff time to implement. Ex. School-wide Black History Month Activities. Does staff want to assign out some items.


    Wednesday Jan 10 Staff Meeting

                      Dr. Talbot will be out of building for candidate interviews.

                      Tom Brown and Dena Bonn will lead brainstorming and planning of a School-Wide Black History Month Activity.

                      Jan 10th Suppose to be CCC/PD

                      Jan17th and 24th – Job Alike and PLC Training.

                      Action Item: Take to constituents if they would like for January to:             

             A. Have PLC on the Jan 10th and Move PD portion to Feb meeting

             B. Switch PLC to Jan 10th and PD to Jan 17th

             Action Item: Tom Brown will email out options to staff for vote. Must have consensus


    Wednesday Early Release

             Discussion: Changes to previous schedule without staff input is upsetting. Desire to stick with schedule through rest of year. Most up-to date calendar is on Google Drive – “Laurelhurst Elementary Professional Development Calendar”


    Recess Scheduling

             How often do we need to rotate assignments? Union is okay if a staff members chooses to stay in a position but not if the do not have a choice. Before and afterschool duties need to be distributed evenly.

             Tom Brown requests to remain as Before School Supervisor M/T/Th for all time.

             Shannon Isaacson and Sue Backenstose prefer afterschool bus duty and want to stay. Greg Pittman is dedicated to Safety Patrol. Rest of staff will be consulted on whether they want to stay in current assignment or rotate.


    Bell Times

             Issue brought to district regarding school start times violating contract. Dena Bonn, SEA Rep, reported she talked to K and 1st grade teachers about shifting times. They are ok with: Teacher Start Time Remains 7:25 AM. First Bell 7:55 with K and 1st grade teachers going to pick up students on playground. Second Bell: 8 AM. Safety Patrols need to be on corner from 7:45-8 AM. Supervision/Student Arrival shifts to 7:45 AM. Dismissal Bell remains at 2:25. ACTION: BLT voted to approve.  


    Meeting ended 4 PM.