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    BLT Meeting



    Members present


    Elliot Barnes

    Dorothy Eikanger

    Jen Anderson

    Greg Pittman

    Laura Tutt

    Tom Snyder

    Dena Bonn

    Mary Davidson

    Lynne Hubbard



    CSIP – Tim has received feedback from K teachers and a few other teachers. He is assuming teachers and cohorts are on board with what is in the CSIP. BLT is recommending this to the whole staff and they can vote on it tomorrow. Dena is in charge of voting at the staff meeting on the 19th.


    TLC – K, specialists, 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 5thvote for project coordinator and professional development. We will vote on this tomorrow at the staff meeting.


    BLT Make-up Next Year – Greg and Mary’s terms are up on and will not be on BLT next year. BLT has decided to keep the current make up/member format for BLT. We need a K rep, 3rdgrade and 4thgrade rep for next year. Elliot will ask staff at the meeting tomorrow who is interested in being on BLT.