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    BLT meeting

    June 3, 2019


    In Attendance


    Elliot Barnes

    Emily Monsen

    Tim Snyder

    Dena Bonn

    Mary Davidson

    Dorothy Eikenger

    Lynne Hubbard



    CSIP – Tim is currently working on the CSIP using the information and input from BLT and will have a rough draft in the coming weeks. More data/information may need to be collected. Since it is a work in process that can be edited, as time passes, we will look to update and improve it over time. BLT discussed different goals to be added amended, including student perception of staff, reading SBA information, MAP scores and other aspects. Once Tim completes a rough draft we will need to meet again as a BLT before the end of the month.


    Recess Coverage – It was brought up to more equitably assign recess coverage among all certified teachers and meet the contract (which states that coverage should be divided equitably among all cert staff). A recess coverage will be drawn up in August.


    Terms/New Members/BLT Make-up – Elliot will draw up a proposal for next year’s BLT make-up. It was proposed to decrease the size/make-up of BLT and we are going to look at some variations. This would also require a slight change in the bylaws to accommodate and change in Make-up.


    CLTs – Josh Benson and Ellen Reed are the current CLTs. Dena is going to look into these positions for next year and how they can be utilized.