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    BLT Meeting

    March 4th, 2019


    In Attendance

     Mary Davidson

    Dena Bonn

    Jen Anderson

    Greg Pittman

    Laura Tutt

    Elliot Barnes

    Kate Sipperly

    Kris Faucett

    Tim Snyder

    Emily Monson

    Lynne Hubbard


    Items Discussed


    There was no staff meeting in February due to snow.


    Move-A-Thon – PTA and PE would like to have a move-a-thon to get students active and raise money for several PTA outreach programs. The proposed date is Wednesday, June 12th. BLT reps please discuss this idea with your constituents and bring feedback to the April BLT meeting.


    Art – It was discuss at a preceding staff meeting, and this BLT meeting, that we will not be doing art this year.


    When we are missing subs – Teams were wondering what we do when there is no sub for a classroom teacher or the sub is late or cancels. We will need to continue for our coworkers and can get money reimbursed from the district by filling out the sub reimbursement forms.


    Budget – BLT discuss the budget in depth and created a proposal to bring to the staff. Elliot sent out a survey to all staff to gauge priorities. This proposal was passed by the staff at the staff meeting on March 6th.