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    BLT Meeting

    May 6, 2019

     Recess Equipment – There does not seem to be enough equipment out at recess, is there a way to get more? Elliot will email Emily R. and figure out a way to get more 4-Square balls and basketballs at recess. We will try to have more by the week of May 13th.


    Field Day – Elliot will send an informational email by the end of this week noting the date and time of field day and requesting parent volunteers. Elliot has secured a park permit for June 25th from 8:00 – 2:00.


    CSIP – We started by looking at other Seattle elementary school CSIP’s for ideas for our own CSIP. We will continue to view Arbor Heights, West Seattle and Decatur’s CSIPs and look for ideas for our own. We are starting to form a good draft to have prepared by the end of the school year. We will be talking to our constituents for edits to make ours more specific. More data and information will need to be gathered by Ellen Reed and Tim Snyder in order to update the CSIP. We are hoping to have a more concise and polished CSIP for next year. In small groups and pairs we spent 30 minutes editing an discussing the CSIP.


    Staff vs. 5th Grade Pin Down Game – We are looking to confirm a time and date for this game, probably during the last week of school and most likely on the last day of school. Elliot will email out information about this activity by the end of May.