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    BLT meeting May 7 2018

    Sarah Talbot

    Kris Faucett

    Greg Pittman

    Pat Howard

    Shannon Isaacson

    Eliot Barnes

    Dena Bonn

    Tom Brown


    CSIP changes and revisions

    Need to have a 3rd grade ELA SMART goal and 5th grade SMART goal. Call out the groups in our SMART goals.

    ELA-3rd grade students will move from 86% passing in 17-18 to 88% passing in 2018-19.

    5th grade goal. Math-75% of 5th grade students will pass the SBA in 2018-19

    All-Bear Block intervention in small groups for all students, community volunteers doing 1-1 and small group instruction, library instruction, Monitoring on Razz Kids, vocabulary instruction, CCC curriculum, WITS

    African American students-Community meeting for AA Families, increased literature that reflects student’s culture, books for students to take home, enrichment homework, culturally responsive teaching.

    ELL students-Bear blocks specific to ELL needs, Visual supports, Tumble Books for 3rd grade, Kindles, Translated instruction in routines and procedures, translation for PAWS acronym

    Students who qualify for Advanced Learning- Bear Blocks specific to Advanced learners, Opportunities for differentiated homework and classwork. WITS, Access to appropriate level materials, Use of CCC extensions


    Students served in Special Education- Additional curriculum materials, IAs trained to use Sound Partners, Read Naturally, LLI, Bear Block specific to disability needs, Use of visual supports, Reading behavior supports.





    5th Grade

    Math 75% of 5th grade students will pass the SBA in 18-19

    All-online Math fluency program (Reflex), District aligned curriculum used schoolwide, Math tutors in grades 3-5, align practices of math tutors.

    African American students, work to hire African American staff. Recruit tutors from African American student union at UW. Pull out data for AA students in MTSS protocols, increase relationships for interventions focused on AA students

    ELL students Continue to recruit and hire Chinese speaking math tutors. Recess math with Chinese speaking advisor

    Students who qualify for Advanced Learning; use math tutors to differentiate instruction for above level students. Access middle school math curriculum, Access to Kahn Academy

    Students served in Special Education, small group instruction with Special Ed. Teacher.

    Check out Kindles for all Chinese students, AA students, or students without access to technology at home. Determine what resources would be best for students to use on the Kindle.


    Possible PD

    More specific training for kids with trauma and/or ADHD

    CCC writing reading, an assessment tools

    Integrating technology-Kindles, iPad, desktop

    Next generation science standards-new kits are being developed by the district

    Social studies-we need a school wide plan