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    BLT Meeting November 5, 2018


    In Attendance

     Elliot Barnes     Specialist

    Tim Snyder        Admin

    Greg Pittman    4th grade  

    Emily Monson   IA Special ED

    Laura Tutt         5th grade

    Jen Anderson    2nd grade

    Mary Davidson  Kindergarten

    Kris Faucett       Parent Rep

    Dena Bonn        1st grade



    Rainy Day Recess

    K- fine staying in classrooms with kids

    1- fine

    2/3- fine staying in

    4- fine for AM recess but lunch or afternoon?

    5- AM fine but lunch is tricky


    Lunch recess- Tutors assigned a classroom for recess duty- 5th graders to playcourt, K to room 1, Thomas and Bonn to Room 8, (possible 2nd grade to Library)= 5 tutors (Tim checking on number)


    Decision Making Matrix saved for next meeting


    BLT representation for each grade level (need straight 2nd or 3rd)


    CSIP at a glance-  Tim looking at…


    PD calendar- to be continued-  Tim to put out an agenda


    Thanksgiving conference schedules- do not need to come to consensus as staff but everyone needs to be able to account for all the hours

    • Switch yellow teacher directed staff meeting on the next week for green principal directed on day before Thanksgiving- Jen to make survey monkey for staff voting


    4th/5th grade afternoon recess- how many instructional minutes are required? 340 instructional minutes/day… We are 15 minutes short on instructional time/day- Revisit this topic- Tim to ask other schools what they are doing