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    Minutes from BLT meeting October 15th, 2018

    Elliot- Chairperson

    Dena- Timekeeper

    Mary- Notetaker

    Interim math assessment – Dorothy is getting more information on students who need help. We will need to find out exactly how many students need help. Can tutors help?

    PD Purple and other early release days –

    * Green staff meeting is Tim’s.

    * 2 PDs until winter break

    * 5 PDs Jan-June

    * Make a CSIP at a glance for everyone to align with PD

    * Tim could just take purple days and plan them (ACES, warm demander, racial equity)

    * Red and Yellow already have definitions

    * At the end of this year we can have a longer discussion about days for next year

    * Elliot will make once a month schedule for grade level led staff meetings (2:55) to discuss nuts and bolts if needed. If no meeting is needed we will have more common planning or work on your own

    * Tim and Elliot will send out Red, Yellow, Green, Purple plan for all staff

    Decision making matrix – Needs to be reviewed each year. Elliot will print it out for next time.

    Bylaws – Need to be reviewed

    Rainy Day Recess-

    * We will go outside as much as possible. We need to send email to families so that they can prepare by packing extra clothes and rain gear for students. Tim will put together recess determining people to make the call. Only come in halfway through recess if there is lightening.

    * We cannot have kids unsupervised during rainy day recess.

    * IAs might be able to help relieve teachers to use the restroom during indoor recess.

    * Gather information/ideas from all staff

    * Could we use play court, gym, lunchroom?

    * Tim asked Playworks to talk to us about rainy day options

    4th/5th grade recess

    * 5th grade is going to recess, inequitable to 4th grade. Should 4th and 5th have afternoon recess scheduled?

    * Do 4th and 5th have more instructional minute requirements?

    * Should we move 2 back to N. playground for afternoon?

    * Recess supervision would need to be re-done.

    * Should SPED be assigned to recess? Per the contract all certificated staff needs equitable recess duty.

    Actions Steps:

    * Ask other staff for rainy day recess supervision ideas.

    * K is putting lunches away through 3 and 4 lines – needs solution, perhaps putting lunches in a bin?

    * Elliot/Tim send email about recess.

    * Ask constituents about adding recess duty to allow 4th/5th to have recess, about 1 more duty per week.

    * Elliot/Tim to send out PD plan for approval

    Next Time:

    * Decision Making Matrix Review – Elliot to print

    * Elliot will print bylaws for review

    * All staff need to vote for teacher directed staff meetings on red days (individual prep)