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    BLT member present: Elliot Barnes, Greg Pittman, Shannon Isaacson, Sarah Talbot, Kris Faucett, Beth Cogan, Dena Bonn, Kate Sipperly

    Reviewed last years CSIP. Are the goals reasonable? Can we move everyone up 1 level?
    TN-Follow up with special ed intervention.
    Relationships at 5th grade need to continue to be a focus if KC will be motivated to produce. We need some trust to make that happen. Sarah will check in with Ms. Wilson regarding DA

    Action Item:
    Pat will check in with Josh regarding his student and whether he's feeling these goals are attainable. Can the 5th grade jump from 44% to 60% that  children believe adults in the building can stop bullying.

    Action Item:
    Cheryl needs to get 2nd Step curriculum in intermediate classrooms. How do you tell stories of success? Problem solving wheels in every classroom.

    Action Item:
    Sarah needs to put problem solving wheel in October parent newsletter.

    Should we do interim student climate surveys again this year? Consensus says unanimous yes. So then when? Considering the end of the year is in May should it be done the first part of November?

    Friday, October 13 in-service training at Sealth is full, so Laurelhurst 4th grade is training on Bear Block. Whatever needs to be aligned to CSIP, Sarah was given permission to negotiate with grade level teams to ok our plans. Elliot was looking for suggestions on PD offerings for IAs. Dena will connect with IAs at other schools.

    Curriculum Night: Point was made that some teachers felt overwhelmed with 2 presentations. Next year, the idea was thrown out that perhaps surveying the parents beforehand could streamline the extended offerings. Lots of debate about how to schedule the timing of conferences, and breaks.

    Next meeting will be November 6 at 2:55 in the library