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    In attendance
    Elliot Barnes
    Pat Howard
    Mary Davidson
    Dena Bonn
    Shannon Isaacson
    Beth Cogan
    Tom Brown
    Lisa Busalacchi
    Kris Faucett
    Greg Pittman
    Laura Tutt

    Old Business
    Members talked to their constituents about the schedule.
    Laura Tutt and some of the 4/5 parents would like 4/5 to have the same lunch recess. Why not have kindergarten go later to accommodate 4/5?

    There were questions about the duty schedule. Some staff feel that the assignment of duties for recess and bus duty are not equitable. For example, Greg Pittman who does safety patrol also does recess duties and SPED teachers are not assigned any. Also some staff have now been assigned 3 duties where in the past they only had 2.

    WITS update.
    Tom is the point person for Writers In The Schools. He will be working with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade to set up a schedule for the author/writer to come to the classrooms and work with the various grade levels. 3rd grade will start in October, 4th in January and 5th sometime in the spring.

    The early release schedule in on Google Docs under Laurelhurst Professional Development.

    BLT wanted to know how we are handling teacher directed staff meeting. This Wednesday is an early release day and staff wanted to know if they could work in their classroom for the staff meeting. Dena Bonn is looking into that and will report back.

    New Business

    Laura Tutt talked about Playworks which is a program implemented at recess to help kids learn and play new games. PTA has already given the school $10,000 to start the program, but we need a parent facilitator to help run it. BLT voted to give Laura permission to approach the PTA to request additional funds to help pay for a facilitator. 

    We discussed the issue of kids bringing balls from home to use at school. Instead of banning all balls, the BLT is going to talk to their constituents to see if it would be okay for students to donated balls to the classroom which could be used at recess. Any ball donated would become property of the classroom and would not go home. 

    There was discussion of the 4 TRI days before school starts. There was confusion about the last day that happens the day before school. In the contract it states that some of the day will be dedicated to building business and some of the day to classroom prep. In the past we have had an hour of building business and the remaining time to prepare classrooms. This needs to be discussed and voted on before next year. 

    We also need to clear up whether CCC training was required to be completed by August 31 or September 30.

    Next meeting is Oct. 2   2:45-3:45
    Elliot is facilitator
    Pat is notetaker
    Mary is timekeeper