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    Learning to respect ourselves and others, work and play cooperatively, and solve problems peacefully is an important part of an educational experience at Laurelhurst Elementary School. In addition to the academic curriculum, many opportunities for students to develop as responsible citizens within our school community and beyond are offered. These include participation in:

    Classroom Meetings, Safety Patrol, Community Service Projects, Math Olympiad, Music Enrichment, Art Enrichment, Classroom Buddies, 5th Grade Camp, Assemblies, Chess Club, Classic Books Club, World Language Classes, Team Sports, Ultimate Frisbee League.

    Progressive Discipline Policy

    The following progressive discipline process has been developed to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all students. Individual circumstances play a significant part in the application of discipline procedures. Communication with parents is a vital element of the discipline process. This policy will be used for both classroom and school-wide behaviors. Our Progressive Discipline Policy will also follow the guidelines set by Seattle Public Schools.

    Step 1: Teacher-Student Conference

    The teacher or playground supervisor will provide support and encourage all students to follow the school and classroom policies. If a pattern of inappropriate behavior develops, a student referral may be initiated either by the teacher or playground support personnel.

    Step 2: Teacher-Parent Contact

    This is vital in effective discipline. If a problem exists a teacher will contact parents by phone, send home a note, or arrange a conference.

    Step 3: Meet with the Principal

    Depending on the severity of the problem or if a pattern of inappropriate behavior develops, the student will meet with the principal to establish an appropriate consequence according to Seattle Public School guidelines. Teachers and parents may also be involved in the conference.

    Step 4: Development of a Student Behavior Plan:

    At any stage a written plan for student success can be created which will be shared with the parents, student, teacher, and principal.

    In cases of serious safety concerns, parents will be contacted as soon as possible. This progressive discipline policy has proven to be an effective method of demonstrating to students that safety is our number one priority.

    Student Behavior Interventions

    Some of the interventions we use at Laurelhurst include:

    • Review school/classroom rules (social skills practice)
    • Student conference with principal
    • Principal or teacher contact with parents (note, call home, conferences)
    • Written or verbal apology by student
    • Classroom consequences by the teacher (loss or privileges, call home, or parent conference)
    • Consequences by principal (loss or privileges, chores, conferences)
    • Behavior report sent home
    • Class meetings
    • In-house suspension
    • Formal suspension from school