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    At Laurelhurst we are striving to create a safe and respectful learning environment. Laurelhurst School is our community. The members of our community include students, parents, professional and paraprofessional staff, custodians, as well as volunteers and tutors. As a community, all members are responsible for working together to make the school a safe and peaceful place for everyone. Our building-wide expectations focus on respect for staff and students with appropriate regard for the safety of school personnel, students, and property. Each classroom will work together to create the expectations necessary for the successful operation of their own classroom.

    Before and After School:

    • Please do not arrive before 8:50, as there is no playground supervision until that time.
    • Remain outside until the bell rings at 9:05 unless you are attending a special program or eating breakfast.
    • All play dates need to be prearranged. Students will be expected to go promptly home or to their after-school activities. Notify your teacher if your normal transportation home has changed for the day.
    • If it is raining, the rainy day recess bell will ring to admit children to their classrooms.

    The Hallways:

    This is a common space, which is often used as a learning space by teachers, tutors and students.

    • Walk slowly and quietly in the hallways, no running.
    • Stay on the right as you walk in the hallways or use the staircases.

    The Bathrooms:

    • Never go to the bathroom alone. Always take a buddy.
    • Use bathrooms properly and keep them neat and clean. Please report any problems.
    • No playing or loitering in the bathrooms. Return to class or playground promptly.

    The Playground:

    • Follow all Playground and Rainy Day Recess rules.
    • Treat each student and playground supervisor with respect.
    • All students are to go outside for recess unless they have permission to stay inside.
    • When the bell rings, line up quickly. Teachers will escort classes back into the building.

    The Lunchroom:

    • Keep voices at a conversational tone and use polite table manners.
    • Clean up your eating space, dispose your trash, and check the floor under your table.
    • Wait to be dismissed and then walk quietly and slowly to the playground.


    • Enter and exit in and orderly fashion.
    • Be attentive and respectful.