Laurelhurst Elementary


Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO)

Laurelhurst has been certified as an Advanced Learning Opportunity School based on the many meaningful learning experiences for students, which stimulate creativity and critical thinking while providing a firm foundation in the basics. We have high expectations for all our students and know that each will be challenged by the rigor and depth of our curriculum. Our ALO program is an inclusion model in which teachers differentiate instruction for advanced learners within the general education classroom setting. Advanced learners are provided opportunities to develop critical and analytical thinking skills through such strategies as: integrated and multi-disciplinary learning, rigorous curricula, tiered assignments, higher level questioning, flexible grouping, and integration of technology. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the classroom teachers. Teacher-student-parent communication is an important component of our program.

An ALO report card will be used for those students that have been tested and identified as qualifying for advanced learning placement by theschool district. The use of this report card maintains eligibility for either Spectrum or APP self-contained classes, located in different schools throughout the school district. Students do not need to take the district test in order to participate in Advanced Learning Opportunities at Laurelhurst, as our school community is committed to serving the needs of all students. Teachers use math assessments, state and district assessments, reading assessments, class observation and evidence, and work completion to determine the instructional needs of our students. All-school advanced learning opportunities in technology, science, music, and art enrichment are available to all students.

Teachers infuse higher level thinking skills into instructional units of study by aligning instruction for advanced learners with grade-level expectations one year above and using Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain. The following chart provides examples of some of the ways that we create advanced learning opportunities for our students. Advanced Learning Expectations are directly related to Washington State Grade Level Expectations that are one-grade level ahead. Instructional strategies and activities that promote the development of higher level thinking skills are woven into the core curriculum.