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Safety Committee Notes

Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Building Safety Committee Meeting October 26, 2021

Members Present
  • Tom
  • Julie
  • Greg
  • Cristina
Not Present
  • Tim
  • Amy

Who is in charge of locking doors in the event of a lockdown? Who is going door to door checking to make sure everyone is out during a fire drill?

  • Julie front doors
  • Tom North playground
  • Tim play court doors. Either play court to building or play court to playground
  • Haile South playground doors
  • Eliott Gym Doors
  • Tim Second Floor
  • Tom First Floor. Will have classroom teacher relieve him if he has a class.

Need to make sure that teachers who are out in the morning doing duty know to lock up the gates before coming in.

First Aid

5 nurses that are certificated to do first aid training. Not possible through the district right now. Will need to do training outside of school.

Talk to Tim about doing the Safety training either November 17 or December 15.

Asked our nurse Cristina if she could trade a day with her other school so she could attend a training on November 17 or December 15.