Laurelhurst Elementary


Special Education

Special Education Resource Room

Do you think that your child may have a disability that affects his or her learning? If so, the first step is to talk to your child?s teacher.Your teacher will refer the request to Laurelhurst?s Student Intervention Team (SIT). This is a team of staff members who will review the request and make a recommendation as to whether your child should be tested for special education. Parents are encouraged to attend the SIT meeting. If testing is recommended, the school psychologist will conduct the testing.

Eligibility is determined in accordance with state and federal guidelines. A child may qualify for special education services as Learning Disabled, Health Impaired, Developmentally Delayed, Autism, or Behavioral Disability.

Once a child qualifies for special education, the parents meet with the Resource Room teacher to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to set goals and objectives that will help the child reach grade level expectations. The IEP outlines programs, methods, and techniques to be used towards improving overall school performance. Each IEP is unique to the student and area of need. Areas of specially designed instruction may include some or all of the following categories: reading, written expression, math, and social skills.

The Resource Room program provides small group instruction for students based on their unique strengths and weaknesses. Resource Room staff work closely with classroom and other support staff to ensure that students receive appropriate instruction and accommodations.