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Building Leadership Team

Decision Making Process

Laurelhurst Proposed Decision Making Process

  • Step One: BLT or committee studies an issue and brings information, options, ideas, and timelines to constituent groups (the groups each BLT representative represents).  Constituent groups discuss the issue and make a recommendation in writing, including a list of negotiable and non-negotiable components of the recommendation. 
  • Step Two: BLT or committee reconvenes to discuss input.  If there is a consensus recommendation – that is, if BLT or the committee sees that the recommendations are close enough, and any differences are negotiable differences, and BLT or the committee negotiates those differences successfully, the decision is made.  The decision will be included in BLT notes for all staff to read.
    • If no decision is reached, BLT crafts a recommendation to go back to constituent groups, and steps one and two can be repeated one time in order to get additional input and consider compromises.  If in the second round, BLT or the committee can successfully address concerns, they may come to a decision.
  • Step Three:  If after two rounds of discussion in BLT or committees and constituent groups, no decision is reached because there is no consensus, a decision can be made with a vote.  A passing vote is 75% of those casting votes.  To validate a vote, a quorum of 75% of eligible voting staff (SEA represented and PASS represented staff) must cast a vote.  Abstentions are counted for the purpose of establishing a quorum, but DO NOT count as a vote for or against the passage of a recommendation. An SEA representative and a PASS representative will count votes to validate the quorum.  Paper ballots will be turned in within 2 school days after the meeting in order to allow time for staff to digest the information and options.
  • Step Four: If a 75% majority vote cannot be achieved, then the principal may select from among the options voted upon. The principal will give rationale for the choice made.

All staff members agree to support final decisions in both attitude and action.