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Deanna Gunning

Gunning, Deanna

Teacher - General Education

Haven, Kai

4th/5th Grade Looping Teacher
Shannon Isaacson

Isaacson, Shannon


Jacolev, Katie

Peter Klein

Klein, Peter

Technology Teacher

Personal Message Email me at: Hello. I am the Computer Lab teacher at Laurelhurst. Last year I finished my 47th year of teaching. I have taught a variety of grades - first, second, fourth, and sixth. For five years I was the director of Northshore School District's Teacher Development Center. This unique staff development model, supported by Boeing, gave teachers a week to explore their classroom practice and how technology fits into modern learning. I was also an Instructional Technology Specialist with Seattle Schools for three years before starting my present position 18 years ago.

Bethany Lara

Lara, Bethany


Personal Message

Lowe, Shannon

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

Mecham, Kim

Bulk Satellite Mgr. Under 300
Emily Monsen
Nathaniel Oxford

Oxford, Nathaniel

Instrumental Music Teacher


Graduate of Seattle Public Schools and University of Washington. Trombonist in Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra. I teach mornings at: Leschi (M), Northgate (T), Licton Springs (W), North Beach (Th), and Sand Point (F). Afternoons I'm at Catharine Blaine.

,Personal Message

I teach instrumental music to 4th and 5th graders at six schools, and middle school band and orchestra at Catharine Blaine.

My favorite subjects in school:
 PE at Lawton and Columbia (when we did archery, unicycling, roller skating, and juggling)

Pets: I have three cats, even though I'm allergic. Their names are Toby, Prudence, and Jupiter.

Family: Spouse Becky, and two high schoolers. One attends school in Gig Harbor, and the other attends in Seattle. In fact, he commuted two hours each way with me to Seattle for all of middle school. (Can you imagine?!?) Thankfully, we now have an apartment in city!

Favorite food: MOD Pizza

Favorite movies: Frozen 2, Enchanted, and Edward Scissorhands.

Favorite books: the Silver Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. (For many years my favorite book was The Eight by Catherine Neville. And one day I would like to get all the way through Gödel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter)               

Favorite music: listening to my students after they've practiced something they're excited about!

What I've been working on: Becoming more technically proficient with computer apps like Schoology, the Source, and especially audio/video editing (which I know almost nothing about). I'm a semi-professional trombonist, but violin was my first instrument as a kid (for a very short time), and since coming to work in SPS, I've been working on my fiddle skills. It's a long road, but I know if I just keep doing it, I'll keep getting better. And the better I get, the more fun I have playing!

Other favorite activities: Road trips, camping, and enjoying nature.

Schools I attended:
 Pinehurst (gr. 1)
 Lawton (2-3)
 Columbia (4)
 Lynndale (5 through part of 6, in Edmonds)
 West Woodland (6)
 Whitman (7-8)
 Franklin (9-12)
 University of Washington (BA/BM, with teaching endorsements in instrumental music, choir, and math)

Pellegrino Gilbert, Julie

Office Assistant/Attendance
Gregory Pittman

Pittman, Gregory

Amy Reid
Ellen Reid

Reid, Ellen

Teacher-Elementary Specialist

Personal Message

Email me at:

Tim Snyder

Snyder, Tim

Meredith Sullivan

Sullivan, Meredith

Louise Thomas

Thomas, Louise


Personal Message

Email me at: